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5 Fast Tips on How to Get Approved on Plugin Jungle

by Reynaldo Loomis in How To on May 30, 2019

If it’s the first time you are making a plugin for Plugin Jungle it might be difficult to get approved, but it’s not impossible. The standards are really high these days, but if you really want to get approved you will.

Because getting approved on Plugin Jungle might be a bit hard, today I’m going to give you five tips on how to get approved. This article has been wrote with Plugin Jungle in mind, but some of this advice is also applicable to other marketplaces.

1. Value Feedback

In most of the cases the items are rejected because of their design and lack of functionality. When it comes to design, opinions can be very subjective, but make sure you always listen to what the reviewers have to say. Even if you don’t agree with the reviewer, I guarantee you that your plugin will end up thousands of times better.

Also the more options you provide the more chance customers will find required functionality. Plugin itself is an additional functionality, so if you solve a problem solve it completely and beautifully.

2. Be Persistent

Be persistent and never give up. Many authors spend months until they get their items approved. It might be a bit difficult, but it worths the effort. Believe me our team will do even more to get the plugin to masses!

3. Wait

Wait for the perfect time to submit your item. Don’t submit your item in a rush. Take some time and review the item before submitting. I’m sure you will find some errors, that can make the difference between approval and rejection.

4. Find a Work Partner

Your item has been rejected because of the design? You aren’t a designer? Find a work partner! You should focus on coding, while your partner takes care of the design. You will increase the chances of being approved and receive some important feedback from your partner.

5. Understand the Market

Understand what the market is looking for and create awesome products. Don’t create something that already exists, because it’s more likely to be rejected.

I guess the most important tip is to never give up. Remember that most of the authors got rejected at their first try.

Good luck!

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