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Before creating our Image Gallery plugin we have conducted a huge research on all image gallery products and have selected the most wanted and needed features to our plugin.

Based on your needs you create the photo gallery you always wanted to have. We have made the process much easier.

Our mobile and user friendly plugin is here to offer the following options:

5 Photo Gallery Styles

Photo gallery styles are one of the most important features for website owners. The first impression is always important for each of us. And you want your website visitors to be impressed with your website’s content and styles.
Our photo gallery has 5 styles that can help you with that.

  1. Justified
  2. Tiles
  3. Carousel
  4. Slider 
  5. Grid

Check out our plugin and find your favorite image gallery style.

Add Images and Videos 

Not every photo gallery plugin has the option to add videos in it. Our plugin includes the features for both video and image gallery.
You can easily add videos from YouTube and Vimeo repositories with just a click.
There are no limits for the quantity, add as many images and videos as you want.

Name Your Image Gallery

Give your gallery a name to distinguish between the galleries and see this name as your gallery title.

Add Name to to Image gallery items

Each of your image gallery items can have their specific names(Titles). This will help when selecting your image order and will explain what your images are about.

Add Description to Image gallery items

Don’t forget about the photo gallery description option. This will help to explain to visitors your images. If you display a certain product, you can add it’s details and describe the quality of the product.

Add URLs to Image gallery items

Each Photo gallery item can lead to a certain URL, you can add the URL from the Nextcode Image Gallery dashboard. This can be a URL to a product or service page or maybe your portfolio.

Edit Image

Each image added to the photo gallery can be edited and replaced. Use the Edit Image Button that appears on the image gallery items on hover and select new images from WordPress Media Files.

Edit Image Info

The image info can also be edited. You can add all the images and videos to your photo gallery and edit them in bulk from the Edit Image Info section.


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    December 16, 2019

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    July 3, 2021